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ŠPERK ROKU 2019 – CZECH OPEN_will take a part in the next edition of trade fair Watches and Jewels again

This long-established contest aims to present designers, products, and trends which are influenced by the dynamical developments of fashion as well as by the creative efforts of the designers and jewellers to express their artistic ambitions. For the 18th year in a row the Šperk Roku 2019 - Czech Open contest contributes to a better awareness about the work of goldsmiths and jewellers, facilitates a public exchange of opinions on the artistic work, and serves as a platform for the growth of a future generation of artisans – goldsmiths and jewellers who build on the famous Czech craft legacy dating back to the reign of Charles IV (1346–1378) and Rudolf II (1576–1612). 

The contest is unique in that it assesses the jewellery presented within the contest in comparison with the jewellery made and marketed by renowned companies. 


- for designers: Artistic Jewellery ART

Commercial Jewellery COM

- for students: Student Commercial Jewellery S COM

Student Artistic Jewellery S ART

Organised by: Sdružení klenotníků a hodinářů ČR (Association of Jewellers and Watchmakers of the Czech Republic)

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